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When people go to Ebay and look for large, heavy, or oddly-shaped merchandise, the bidding is not the only thing they look at closely.  Online auctions mean shipping costs as well as the highest bid, and often, the cost of the shipping is more than the cost of the item, especially with large or heavy items. API

Sellers who are upfront about the shipping costs will always get more and higher bids than sellers who don’t give potential buyers any information about the shipping costs.

Sellers who use FreightNShipping.com as their shipper will almost always get a high bid, because knowing ahead of time exactly how much the shipping will cost is very important, and will usually dictate how high someone is willing to bid for your item.

With the FreightNShipping.com Ebay icon on each individual auction page, sellers are telling their potential customers that they considerate, up-front, on the level, honest, and also that they care about the customer’s wallet, and not merely in what profit might be made from its contents.  Potential bidders know that FreightNShipping.com offers discounts of up to 80%; therefore, Ebay sellers who use FreightNShipping.com as their shipper are giving their customers the best possible deal.

Are you an Ebay seller?  Put our special Ebay “Quick Quote” icon on your auctions and see how quickly the bids start coming in.

And if you have any questions, call us at 1-855-378-7447 and a real live person will assist you.

With FreightNShipping.com as your primary shipping company, your Ebay sales will soar.

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