Apple’s ProMotion: The Secret Behind iPhone 15 Pro’s Gaming Prowess

Apple typically waits for technology to mature before incorporating the technology into its products. This could result in customers being left out of the benefits of 120Hz displays.

ProMotion is a flexible display which alters its rate of refresh according to what’s displayed in front of it. It can give you a an improved experience, and boost your gaming experience.


While you scroll on TikTok or using a well-known app or game The iPhone 15 Pro’s screen will refresh two times faster than your normal display at 60Hz. This gives it a much better-looking and smoother look, as well as improved speed and responsiveness.

It’s a feature that’s available on many other smartphones. But Apple is one company which waits for emerging technologies to become mature before it begins incorporating the latest technologies into its offerings.

This could explain why it took so long to get the iPhone to go from 60Hz to 120Hz. However, with Android phones already offering the feature, it’s about time Apple was too. According to the latest report by Chinese social media website the yuex1122 account, and a Chinese display industry source according to the report, the iPhone 15 Pro will come with an LTPO display with 120Hz refresh rates. Apple announced that it will confirm these details soon, and will begin massive production. This is the only way that their Pro series supports this content however, the base model doesn’t include it in the specifications.

iPhone 15

Gaming on iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 series is designed to be a gaming powerhouse. Apple has worked closely with game designers to ensure that the graphics look sharp and the frame rate stays steady. Apple declares they’re able to keep their iPhone from overheating when playing intense games by using intelligent display technology, as well as GPU scaling.

Aside from being a great gaming tool Apart from gaming, the iPhone 15 Pro also works perfectly with other apps and content. Apple’s ProMotion technology is able to refresh the screen 120 times a second for smooth scrolling and flicking. It also provides quicker responsiveness and greater quality of motion.

As was the case in the past, Apple will keep their 120Hz ProMotion display exclusive to its Pro series of iPhones. This year’s iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or possibly iPhone Ultra) both have ProMotion. Both have a Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion and P3 large color as well as haptic and tactile touch. HDR. Hopefully, Apple might eventually introduce this to its non-Pro iPhones too.

Apple Pencil on 120Hz display

Making use of the iPhone Pro’s display by using the Apple Pencil is also made more responsive as it decreases the amount of amount of time required for the pen to draw the line onto the screen. This helps make drawing feel effortless, and making scrolling and interacting with apps more fluid.

ProMotion is a brand new displaytechnology which can provide refresh rates of between 120 and 120Hz that allow fluid scrolling, more responsive and better motion quality. It works by dynamically adjusting your refresh rate on fly depending on what you’re looking at. When it comes to static images, or close-to-static content, it can drop to 24Hz.

It’s a feature that was introduced with the iPad Pro, and it’s an amazing piece of technology. But it’s disappointing that Apple chose to save this capability for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and not add it to their standard iPhone range. Hopefully this changes in the future. If that happens, this is going to be the finest phone on the market for people who prefer a smooth and silky experience.

Pro Display XDR integration

Created to be tough and sturdy built to be tough and durable, the iPhone 15 Pro features a colored glass with a design that’s both splash and water resistant. Additionally, it has a professional-grade camera that is capable of high-resolution photography and HDR footage recording.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display can be set to 120Hz whenever necessary, which gives it the ability to render console quality graphics without losing sharpness or fluidity. It also offers true-to-life colours as well as brightness.

Apple’s A17 processor is a tiny powerhouse which has a six-core CPU as well as a GPU that utilizes MetalFX’s upscaling technology to produce higher quality graphics. It can support hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing and gives the iPhone 15 Pro the ability to render realistic shadows and lighting for video and games.

Choosing between an iPhone 15 Pro and the normal model will probably depend on your requirements as well as your budget. The Pro models feature a more powerful camera, faster processing and more storage options however the price is also considerably higher.

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