Prawns’ delivery: Things you didn’t know

“Prawn” has a delicious preppy texture. It can be eaten deliciously in various dishes such as sashimi, fried foods, stir-fried foods, soups, etc. But such prawn contains a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. This time, we will explain the nutritional value as well as the nutrients of prawns concerning the ministry of education, culture, sports, science, and technology.

Prawn is a general term for crustaceans classified as decapods that can be enjoyed with the fastest prawns delivery.

Because of this crooked waist and long beard, wrote “prawn” as the old man of the sea. Prawn, which people love, has been popular as an auspicious object symbolizing longevity since ancient times. It is said that there are 3,000 kinds of prawns. It is roughly divided into swimming types suitable for body swimming like prawns, and walking types such as lobster prawns. There are so many varieties. We will focus on the swimming type and introduce the kinds, production areas, delicious ways to eat, etc.

The cooking method

The cooking method suitable for each prawn is different, but it can be eaten deliciously. In various ways such as sashimi and sushi, tempura, fried prawn, prawn chili, and américaine.

Kuruma prawn is also a traditional story of hand-held sushi that originated in the Edo period. In addition to boiled prawn sushi, there is also a live-cooked dance, which is exquisite if you can eat it in production areas and high-end restaurants. You can also go to fried prawns, tempura, grilled prawn, whatever.

Amaebi, after all, has a thick and sweet taste itself, and raw is the best. A good broth comes out of the remaining head. So, it is delicious, even if it is miso soup. Tempura and chicken fried in their shells have a different taste from raw.

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