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Magento People group Edition Magento CE is the free version of Magento, which is known as a platform based on open-source technology and provides online merchants with unprecedented flexibility and command over the look, content and usefulness of their e-commerce store. At the present time, Magento CE has been being considered to be one of the best free e-commerce platforms. Hence, in this article, I might want to give you an overview about the upsides and downsides of this platform.

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Advantages of the Magento People group Edition

  1. Open Source

Despite of being a free platform, Magento CE is open source. It gives users amazing chance to freely alter the code to meet people’s requirements, which carries ultimate flexibility to take on your business. This is a huge advantage compared to other e-Commerce platforms.

  1. Wide range of functionalities

Magento is popular for the number of functionalities it provides. The majority of users consider picking Magento CE for their e-store because of this reason. Magento covers each of the aspects any store owners might demand site design, items, payments, delivery and that is only the tip of the iceberg, so it is a decent base to begin with. Also, the platform is evolving constantly and there are countless Magento templates, themes and Magento extensions, modules, and widgets available on the market. It is interesting the way in which the content considers running several stores all at once from one organization panel. Another example of Magneto’s extraordinary capabilities is the capacity to set a template for a given item that will make this item to present to a client differently than other items at the same time period.

Disadvantages of the Magento People group Edition

  1. The usage of PHP

A major downside of Magento is the usage of PHP. The Magento application can consume gigabytes of Smash during heavy processes, and PHP often essentially cannot handle the heap, regardless of how much hardware is tossed at it.

  1. Not really for amateurs

This platform is quite complex so it is not the answer for a beginner with no technical abilities. Even an experienced developer will need quite time to learn Magento step by step before being certified. Magento is designed as an enterprise Java application, yet its codebase is written in PHP. Accordingly, on the off chance that you are curious about Java or PHP Zend Framework, magento 2 google shopping feed by Magenest it takes a very long time to learn and use this platform. Frankly, finding a qualified Magento developer is definitely not an easy undertaking.

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