Types of countertops for kitchen and bathrooms

Among the most significant components of bathrooms and kitchens decors is selecting the proper countertop. Consider the following points and pose yourself the subsequent questions. Do you make many verities of food for your household in the cooking area? Is food preparing is a lazy job for you that means you prepare once in a while? Why not try baking? Will a minor blemish on your countertop worry you, or do you even detect a slight tear? Even for small repairs, you can take the assistance of handyman packages in North Myrtle Beach, SC. In regards to toughness and longevity, as well as temperature and corrosion resistance, each kind of countertop has advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at some of the kinds of countertops.

  • Marble: Marble countertops are becoming increasingly popular over the years. In terms of appearance and elevated modern construction, marble reigns supreme. It’s not difficult to see why. These natural stones improve a kitchenette quickly, providing it with a clean, modern appeal. There’s nothing like a dazzling white marble polish, however, marble counters come in a variety of colors as well, such as grey, brownish, beige, and even greener. You will not be able to find any two identical marble slabs.
  • Quartz: Do you really have a huge family, prepare a lot of dishes, or simply want to ensure that you buy in a long-lasting kitchen worktop? Quartz might be the perfect idea for you. Quartz counters are indeed hybrid stones created from usual quartz united with a resin adhesive. You may even be shocked to hear that they’re not composed exclusively of quartz. The stone is likewise non-porous, extremely durable, and requires no re-sealing.
  • Granite: For several decades, granite counters have been the norm since it is a natural stone that is extremely durable. Granite comes in a variety of lighter and darker tones, as well as specks and variances. One more unique feature of granite is that it could be sliced with several edges styles, like squared, beveled, indicating shape, partial and complete bullnose.


Above are only a few types of countertops, you can find many other options.

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