The Ultimate Guide About Chinese Confinement Food

The confinement is the important period for the body’s recovery. During this time, a person needs to eat nutritious food to restore their energy. For nursing mothers, what someone eats can be passed down to their baby, and at this point. Milk is the only source of nutrients for their baby. It helps someone save time so that one has more time to focus on taking care of their baby. Some of the important facts to know about Chinese confinement food have been discussed in this article.

Top ingredients to know about Chinese confinement food

Few of the commonly used Chinese herbs which are commonly used in confinement food mainly include red dates, gan cao, dang shen, ginseng, dang gui, wolfberries as well as chuanxiong. In terms of fresh ingredients, the traditional Chinese confinement foods are mainly prepared using chicken, pork, fish as well as pork innards.

Meanwhile, for vegetables as well as fruits, as postpartum mothers are mainly weak. Their body is mainly believed to be in the “cold” state according to traditional Chinese medicine. Mothers are mainly advised to avoid some of the vegetables which are “cold” in nature. This mainly includes bitter gourd, cucumber, as well as winter melon.

The Chinese confinement diet mainly comes with different types of restrictions. There are many confinement catering services in Singapore that mainly serve a different variety of nutritious as well as delicious confinement food.

These are some of the important facts to know about Chinese confinement food.

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