Figuring Out How Much Booze to Get For a Party Bus

There is a scientific method that can be applied to anything and everything, and party buses are no exception. Your average party bus would be a monolith of excess and debauchery, and nothing represents these two ideals more than alcohol. A sufficient quantity of alcohol needs to be maintained in order to facilitate a seamless experience for all party goers, and it is in ascertaining the ideal quantity that should be purchased that the scientific method can end up helping you in a really huge way.

There is a pretty good chance that you are getting beer for the party, and if this is the case then getting about three beers per person should do the trick. Some would drink more but others would drink less so it’ll even itself out. You can also get one bottle of liquor for about four people. Again, this won’t technically be enough based on some people’s consumption on a San Juan party bus, but the variation in consumption along with the presence of beer would mean that everyone would have enough of whatever it is that they prefer at this current point in time.

These quantities are based on factual methodology. If someone is going to drink nothing but beer, they will have four or at most five of them. Hence, getting three beers each means that those that won’t want to have any beer or might have one or two would leave some for those that only prefer this kind of beverage. Planning like this would mean that nothing would run out but you wouldn’t have an excessive amount left over either which is a really good thing to depend on.

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